Curious as to how you can MoveOn with your EV car in no time?


Smart and fast EV chargers

with a modular design from 25kW up to 75kW. Besides quickly charging your car so that you can MoveOn. They have smart artificial intelligence to support V2G and V2H, allowing you to optimize your total energy consumption. Maximize your energy production earnings and minimize your energy consumption costs.

Our chargers support the "Plug and Charge" technology making the user experience as simple as plugging your car into the Preez and that's it. No need for RFID batches or payment terminals.

... and boosting your power

Preez+ comes with all the great features from Preez and adds even more functionality. 

MoveOn's "Power Booster" functionality enables you to charge up to 100kW while only needing very low grid power requirements. This allows you to install the Preez+ anywhere you want without a high voltage cabin. A typical 3 phase power supply that you can get at home is sufficient.

MoveOn's "Power Booster" also further extends optimizing your energy consumption by enabling V2G and V2H technology even when your car is not connected. How fancy can it get!

News updates

Press release MoveOn products

Movanis announced the release of their new brand MoveOn and product line Preez and Preez+ in the newspaper De Tijd. 

3 examples of sustainability at Movanis

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It has become a necessity in any line of business now. It’s clear that all companies have to do their bit, but sustainability can be taken from a multitude of angles. In this blog post, we explain just 3 of the ways in which we at Movanis have integrated sustainability into our life and business.

Movanis invests in the future

Constructing a 1800 m2 AGV research and demonstration facility at “De Schacht” brownfield (Heusden-Zolder).


Analysis and  advice

When considering an investment in EV chargers, it is usefull to make an analysis of your requirements and available facilities. Such as targetted car types, amount of cars per day and power availability. This will allow you to select the optimal product for your situation.


At MoveOn, you can count on a thorough service, at any time. Our service engineers are permanently on standby to remotely call in on the EV charger system in your company to provide first-line assistance to your technical department in the event of a malfunction. In case of serious breakdowns, we are quickly on site to solve the problem.


At MoveOn you can count on extensive maintenance so that the down-time of your EV charger system is kept to an absolute minimum. There are various options for periodic, preventive maintenance. Software updates can be performed remotely. In the event of an unforeseen breakdown, our service engineers will quickly solve the problem on-site. For this we always have the necessary spare parts in stock.

Payment services

MoveOn also has its own developed payment service that you can use on your chargers to earn money with your charger when relevant for your business case.